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The “Real” On Cheese

*Blog sponsored by Sargentos but all opinions my own

If I were to ask you what your favorite childhood meal your mother used to make you, involving cheese, what would come to mind? Personally, a nice warm bowl of tomato soup along with a perfectly toasted grilled cheese sandwich is immediately what I think of.

I like to tell people, my family and I are always in our kitchen. We all gather around the table, not only to eat, but to laugh! To share stories of our day, which is my favorite part. I frequently cook with my oldest son, I let him add dry ingredients and help measure before pouring. When they’re all older I hope they remember being around the table and eating good, natural meals. Which is why, I’d like to share a cheese recipe with you, using the realest of cheese! Which is Sargento, Colby Jack!

We normally use mozzarella or Colby jack, I let my kiddos pick which flavor of cheese they wanted inside this time! That being said, the list of ingredients is below, where I have Colby jack, you can also use mozzarella or mild cheddar from Sargento!

Easy ingredients include:

  • Pillsbury Crescents
  • Your brand of sliced turkey meat
  • Sargento Colby Jack natural sliced cheese
  • Butter or non stick spray

Items you’ll need:

  • Baking sheet (greased or sprayed)
    *Pizza cutter to cut your crescent roll (optional)
    Non stick surface to roll crescents up

After gathering all the ingredients, I preheated my oven to 375 degrees. I slicked my baking sheet with butter, and began to open my packages.

The crescents are pre cut into angled triangles, but some of my dough was still paired together, cue the *optional pizza cutter here! My son folded most cheese pieces and ripped the turkey up to fit inside the crescent and then I began to roll it to its end corner.

Once the tray was filled and evenly spaced out, off into the oven they went! It didn’t seem long before they were fluffing up right before our eyes. The first batch was put on a plate to cool and make room for the second bath to start. I made sure to step aside and let my oldest child roll a crescent.

My son was salivating watching that Sargento cheese ooze out the sides!

After sitting them upon the table, all my children’s eyes were huge! Who doesn’t get excited when they see melted cheese?! My daughter Izabella pulled her crescent in half and watched as the cheese strung to each end of it! So fun to watch her laugh and giggle, trying to eat all that tasty cheese!

One of the best achievements to a mom when making food, is hoping her kids will eat any of it. Sargento slices are natural cheese, not process cheese. Which is why its the only brand of cheese in our household. Perfect for a simple back to school snack as well!

Another point is how easy Sargento cheese is to add to simple, finger food items! All my son did was rip a square slice in half to roll it up, the cheese melted the turkey inside the crescent as it cooked, making it so easy to pick up and go!

Whenever we visit the grocery store, we’re in the cold section where cheese is located. First thing we do is look for those little red packages! My kids know exactly which cheese to grab and my youngest daughter always yell “Argentoes!” Once that package hits the cart.

Did you know, the creators of Sargento cheese; Leonard and Joe, invented the first vacuum-sealed package of cheese, the first packaged sliced cheese and the first packaged shredded cheese in the country! For over 60 years, we’ve been able to enjoy natural cheese in the comfort of our homes. It being packaged has sealed in all of the freshness for me and I’ve been able to continually keep opening it for school lunches and my husbands work lunches!

Sargento is most famously known for packaged shredded, sliced and snack natural cheeses, but also provide cheeses, appetizers and sauces to restaurants and other food manufacturers. They believe in family and good principles and real ingredients. That is the most important part of a company! Ethically, Sargento is very impressive in how they grew and started from the ground up.

Make sure you check out more about Sargento Cheese here!

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Back to School 🛍

Shopping for your children’s back to school clothes can be very overwhelming! Heading to crowded malls or stores, people and children everywhere trying to get the last of cute clothes before school starts!

Using Kidson45th helped this momma of 4 out so much! I didn’t even have to leave the house, whaaaa?! New and pre-loved kids’ clothing delivered to your door for about $4 an item. Such great condition and most of kaydens clothing was new and had tags!

My son Kayden went back to school this year, starting kindergarten. Cue the tears right. Well I did cry! It’s so bittersweet! He’s growing so fast and his style is changing frequently!

That’s why the coolest part of Kidson45th is the fact that you fill out a really detailed questionnaire online on what your child style is, and what they need. I got to fill out kaydens and Bella’s whole box! And it was delivered straight to my door.

Bella got a couple tank tops in her order, that she really loved and enjoyed “modeling.”

They also have a Happiness Policy – if you don’t love something in your box, it’s a quick two taps on your device to get a credit for the item!

You can use my referral code, it gives us both $10 off shop credit! Some items on Kidson45th website is as low as .99 cents! So $10 goes quite a long way! My code is MUGGLES. The prices start at $1.99 for baby items and top out at $12.99 (big jackets). Free shipping when you spend $65! Back to school deals are currently high one their website!

Short Sleeves for $2.49!

Leggings for $3.49!

Long Sleeves for $3.49!

Shorts for $2.99!

Check their website here and don’t forget my code MUGGLES! Back to school sale ends this weekend.

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Newport Aquarium- KY

While visiting in town, we knew we had to stop by the famous Newport Aquarium.

Jennifer Tan, PR manager, was so kind and left us tickets at front desk.

While there we noticed that the first thing you’re greeted by are some really cool statues of sharks, a seahorse, and a whale!

You come around the corner there and in the middle of the room is a really pretty circular tank. Along with really bright and pretty fishes along the wall, attached with their facts and history.

As a mom, you love for majority of the things your kids interact with to be informational and for them to have the ability to learn something from it. That’s why the ‘nursery’ was a must to stop at!

After the nursery, we got to a big room full of benches. Everyone was gathered around the big movie theater wall, it wasn’t until we got closer, that we seen why. There was a giant tank full of various fishes, and the biggest shark in the whole aquarium. Kayden was in awe! I think that was his favorite part.

After seeing the big sharks, we grew an appetite. We ate a full on meal at the cafe and began to finish checking out the rest of the aquarium. More fish, and a really pretty water bridge above our heads. I caught a quick snap shot of the most beautiful light shining through.

From there the kids went to the sting ray area where they could pet the tops of them and also other species, such as starfish and anemones.

The next area was a playground and petting area in one. Where persons 4 ft and under could crawl underneath and see them from a whole new angle. I somehow was able to wiggle my way through.

My favorite part of the whole aquarium, was the moon jellyfish! My photos do no justice, in person they’re so eye catching and beautiful.

Our visit at the aquarium was nothing less than amazing. We had such a blast seeing everything and learning new things. Thank you to the Newport aquarium for letting us come visit! Here are some extra photos!

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This is me

I very rarely ever get in front of the camera. I love to take photos of my kids in their natural habitat, just running and screaming mostly.

I just thought maybe I’d drop a couple facts about myself for those who just started to follow me. Or those who may be curious! Ive come to realize I share so much about products, my kids and other random things, and never really myself.

  • First of all major #foodie. Won’t even deny that. From breakfast food, to pasta, to Oreos. I just cant 😛
  • I have 16-17 tattoos. All of them, except my finger tattoos, all have meaning. Fun fact, the ones on my fingers were the worst ones.
  • I love to watch TV shows when my kids go to bed, whenever that happens. Catfish, greys anatomy, river dale, stuff like that!
  • I like donuts, this deserves its own bullet.
  • I started “influencing” about a year ago, in September it will be 2 years. I was only at 1,000 followers if that.
  • I have social anxiety. I go outside and play versions of what could happen so I’m prepared if it does, conversations etc.
  • I’m originally from California! Born and raised in Modesto CA. I never go into much detail on how I ended up in Indiana. But long story short, my dads side is from here.
  • When I moved to Indiana, I met my now husband. We were just kids in 8th grade! At the end of September, we will have known each other for 10 years 🙂
  • Jesus and I are actually hours apart. My birthday being September 26th, and his September 27th.
  • He has quite the amount of tattoos as well. Half of them are all done by him, and a few, well mostly all of mine are done by him too. He’s been an artist for many years and decided one day to buy a tattoo gun on amazon and test on himself. He turned out to be amazing.
  • I graduated high school with my first born, Kayden, in the stands. He was 4-5 months old.
  • I really love to read and write, but being a mother to four, I don’t really have time for either anymore. ):

I really hoped you enjoyed reading this! Drop some facts below in the comments, I’d love to read them!

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Multifunctional Mom

All us moms out there wish we had at least two extra arms, right? Two is just not enough. At least for me. I have four kiddos and two of them are either asking for juice for something along those lines. Ones always following me around and the other attached to my hip.

We need something that’s gonna make that a little bit easier, we always need that extra hand. Whether it’s a family member or a baby carrier. But I’m here to tell you about how a Lily Jade Diaper Bag did that for me.

I was gifted an Anna backpack, and let me tell you – game changer.

Its a two in one multifunctional bag. You can use it as a backpack, or throw it over your head as a cross body! The Anna is perfect for someone who needs to pack and run. Like us mothers, right! The side pockets are perfect for those sippy cups and the inside interior is so spacious for a laptop, diapers, wipes! It divides in half and the back fully unzips!

Durable nylon and exclusive features will serve you for many years to come.

They’re available in 3 colors: black nylon, that’s the color I have! I chose this color specifically because it shows less mess (sticky fingers, what can I say)

Camel and gold, so beautiful.

Blush and silver, classy!

They have a medium sized Anna, and a large. I got a medium and it’s already so spacious, I can’t imagine what a large is like!

My bag came with an extra long strap to be carried as a cross body. The front includes a beautiful leather tassel with a natural stone bead and signature LJ logo.

Let’s talk pockets! Just like arms, you can never have enough.

The Anna contains:

  • 1 Exterior front zipper pocket
  • 2 Exterior large, open, side pockets for bottles, sippies, and tumblers
  • 1 Interior zipper pocket in the front compartment
  • 2 Interior slip pockets in the front compartment
  • 1 Interior slip pocket for a laptop, tablet, books or binders in the back compartment
  • 1 Exterior magnetic pocket for extra storage or tucking in backpack straps when not in use

So many uses and functions, I fell in love with it.

You can visit their Website for their outlets and stock of custom leather lily jade bags. They’re so beautiful and well worth the investment.


Xo Hanna

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Bedside Comfort

As a mother it’s one of the most comforting feelings when you know your little ones are safe.

After I had my littlest baby, who is exclusively breastfed, I knew he’d always need to be right by my side. And I was right 😅

When he was born he had swallowed a lot of amniotic fluid just before birth, causing him to come out without crying. For his entire first couple of weeks he was coughing and spitting up much of it and finally cleared it eventually. But I always had that pit in my stomach laying him in his crib which seemed so far away from me!

I knew there was someway I could keep him close by without having him in my bed. A close friend of mine, Christian Mulkey, recommended DeltaChildren.

They had so many great products perfect for mothers and their babies. What caught my eye was their “Keep Me Near Deluxe Moses Bassinet! It was perfect. Even the basket detached from the handles and was a carry and go basket.

Their bassinet is recommended right after birth until 5 months and is so easy to use it even had wheels on the bottom. I even put it together with no help form hubby!

Another one of my favorite features is the attachable electronic pod that plays peaceful music or emits gentle vibrations. Along with the two hanging toys, he is completely occupied and able to nod right off to sleep. Giving me complete peace of mind knowing he is safe right beside me.

I think even big sister Layla approves, though I’m sure she’d love to crawl in it too. 🤪

Special thanks to DeltaChildren for the amazing gift, giving me beside comfort and him a good nights sleep, every single night.

To purchase your own you can visit their Instagram page, or website and search “Keep Me Near Bassinet” OR just click this hyperlink, Keep Me Near Bassinet.

Thanks for reading, friends.


Parents Choice

This post is sponsored by Nature’s Heart. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

As a parent we always want what’s best for our kids, right?

When it comes to food, you want that homemade taste. Not only for you, but for your children. As a parent, you not only care about the goodness of flavors, but also what’s in it! NEW Nature’s Heart is made with organic ingredients and packed with nutrition!

We were so excited to learn Nature’s Heartpurées and pouches are now available at a Meijer store near us! 

ALSO, Meijer is offering a deal! SAVE $.75 off ANY TWO (2) Nature’s Heart® Organic Baby Food Items! For this offer you will need to download the coupon from 10/14-12/11! This coupon expires 12/31/19. You can search for the coupon here. Download that coupon and get to saving, yay!! 

When I feed Gabe, I want to make sure he’s getting everything he needs. But rest assured; when you choose Nature’s Heart, you’re choosing quality nutrition for your little one. From a brand that understands tradition, culture, and the value of doing things right. Not to mention it’s USDA Organic certified. 
With their new organic baby purées, you get carefully selected organic fruits and vegetables. They also have baby food pouches , which are sooooo handy! All of these products have no added sugar or artificial colors/flavoring and are non GMO verified!
Plus, beginning November, the pouches will be 100% recyclable through the TerraCycle program, which makes me even happier to be a Nature’s Heart consumer! 
When you choose Nature’s Heart, you’re choosing quality nutrition for your little one, from a brand that understands tradition, culture, and the value of doing things right. 
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Gordon Food Store

Summer is coming to an end and we knew we needed to start up the grill one more time. Going to Gordon Food Service Store was such a brilliant idea for that!

What I love most about Gordon’s Food store, was the excellent customer service and well labeled aisles! I had my three youngest kiddos with me and my youngest was being baby wore. Let me tell you, it wasn’t too easy.

I asked employees on where to find certain items and was pointed in the right directions. I gathered everything I needed and headed straight for the cash registers. The lady was so sweet and I wish I had caught her name! She helped me scan and didn’t even care that Layla (youngest daughter) was slowly handing each item one by one so she could help scan.

Gordon’s also has the cool idea of delivering your good straight to you! You can download the app on the google store and create a virtual grocery list.

For over 120 years Gordon food services have been available and constantly growing! A cool fact, when Isaac first started the industry, he was 23 and borrowed $300 from his brother to start a butter and egg delivery business! Little did he know it’s grow to be so much more!

My dad cooked a mean grilled pork tenderloin, along with a slab of baby back ribs. The pork tenderloin was marinated overnight with only a few spices, some butter, and a little white vinegar. The baby back ribs were sat in white vinegar for 4+ hours to tenderize, and rubbed with dry rub. Which was a numerous amount of spices and then put into a baggy to sit until the next day.

When he cooked them, he rubbed on some hickory BBQ sauce on top. That marinade and BBQ really made those flavors pop. The food was delicious!

To pair with the delicious main courses, my stepmother prepared a spaghetti salad, traditional potato salad and corn on the cob. I made my first ever batch of deviled eggs! Everything was such a hit and the pork tenderloin was indeed tender. 😉

I highly recommend visited your local Gordon Food Service Store, you can find your nearby store here.

I was gifted a $100 gift card to shop at Gordon’s store, but all opinions/blog was my own!